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Revolutionary first of its kind Hypnosis and Technology !!

Think you cant go into hypnosis? Think Again!! We now use the latest cutting edge technology to ascertain you brainwave states during Hypnosis, Action MindWave EEGHypnosis now utilise the Neurosky EEG device to read the brain wave states during hypnosis.

We can show you how to relax using the Neurosky by monitoring your brainwave patterns and giving you the optimum instructions on ways to relax.Hypnosis is all about relaxing and attaining that meditative state required to facilitate a good state of trance allowing us to effect positive change in your life.

With the EEG we can show you how not to be anxious, how to improve sports, there are so many applications this is applicable for and all to help you attain what you want out of therapy.

See fast results on the screen as you learn ways to relax, learn how to achieve that zone state vitally important in any sport.

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First Session 2 hours $220.00 Follow-up sessions $110.00

A new weight loss therapy will allow you to look at food differently, but more importantly what’s in the food you are eating. If you have struggled with weight control/Loss it seems unrealistic for me to try to get you to change but with the help of your subconscious mind and an understanding of the hidden elements in food you make all the change without struggle or a fight allowing you to get a new weight set point and maintain this easily.

This process is up to four sessions depending on you, the first session is 2 hours followed by one hour sessions of follow up work. You can achieve amazing results with a clear mind and new ways of looking at food and drinks.

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Call 1300 720 780 Today to discuss how we can help you.

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