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Do you look at yourself and wish you could lose those extra kilos?

Do you find doing certain activities difficult or impossible because of that extra weight? Can you tie your shoe laces without losing your breath?

Have you struggled to lose that weight only to put it back on?

You are not alone, as you would see when you look around, we are surrounded by a weight loss industry with all of their offers and diet programs, their promises to lose 10 kilo in 10 weeks.

How many different shakes are there on the market?

DIETS DON’T WORK is the first thing we need to understand. Dieting adversely affects your metabolism, making it certain that you will put the weight back on and more when you resume normal eating.

Eating habits are complex and need to be addressed initial with the counselling session. Issues like relationships, work stressors, health problems or psychology challenges can all be a part or part of your weight gain. We work with you to establish your specific reasons and causes of your eating habits and patterns.

A recent breakthrough at the Garvan Institute in Sydney Australia found why people don’t lose weight when they are on a diet, read the report from the Garvan regarding this important information here. Report

Action Hypnosis utilises various natural hypnotic approaches to weight loss teaching and educating the client to think about food again. We find the challenges associated with each particular case and offer suggestions in hypnosis to reframe your thinking about food and eating habits. You can look forward to positive change, thinking about food in new ways, losing weight naturally and effortlessly. This is not a quick fix like a diet, but a totally new way of thinking about your body and eating.

The 3 main areas we utilise are

1: Action Hypnosis 4 Week Weight loss life changing challenge (Low Carb We Target the Sugar)

2: General Hypnosis for weight loss

3: Virtual Gastric Band

After meeting with you we assess your needs and recommend one of the programs for you, when it comes to weight loss everyone is different and there are reasons why you are carrying that extra weight. One weight loss program to fit all is ridiculous and should be avoided.


Action Hypnosis 4 Week Weight loss

We have recently changed this program to now incorporate Low Carb into the mix, I’ve found that you can lose the weight fast and keep it of. The low carb is a whole new way of eating its not a diet but a new way of eating, low carb can be an exciting way of eating and when incorporated with hypnosis its the magic pill so to speak, you can lose around kilo per week. The current scientific findings about weight loss states that if you lose it fast it stays of for longer. This is not another diet but a new way of eating without counting calories, combine low carb and hypnosis and you have a winner.

What’s in food particularly and how does it affect your body? We strive to keep up with the latest findings on weight loss science and incorporate this into the therapy we offer, but it’s not just about putting someone into a trance and giving suggestions to lose weight! That alone doesn’t work, so first we educate you and show you what’s hidden inside food, then with hypnosis you and your subconscious mind can make the changes for you.

This program is the first of its kind and developed by us after looking at how people reacted to other forms of hypnotherapy for weight loss and from this realising that most people still struggle. Losing weight is as difficult as quitting smoking, as your eating is a learned habit.

Have you ever eaten just because the clock says it’s a meal time but in reality you’re not even hungry?

This is one part of the problem, the habit; the other is the food industry itself. The better the food tastes the more we buy which is why fat free food tastes so good. You think “wow, how can this be fat free?” You love it, it’s yummy!  But this is where the problem is and it’s not just fat free food but everything you eat. Those small snack foods, the biscuits, the drinks, everything that goes in your mouth is calories and the biggest enemy of them all is sugar.

In our program we can change the way you think about food. Where you make the change in the first session is your awareness making the change – not us. I can’t tell you what to do. You haven’t been able to do it, so it would seem impossible for me to try. But I can totally change the way you see food and drinks allowing you to change your life yourself.

The first session is 2 hours where we totally reframe your thinking relating to food and drinks, showing you the hidden calories and the effect on the body.  It’s the “ah ha” moment for you, and it’s only after this we do the hypnosis to reinforce the learning. You then leave to start your new life armed with the knowledge to defeat the weight demon.

The second session (one Hour) is two weeks later to address any issues and track your progress, the third and fourth sessions are also one hour, these sessions are where we go over any further difficulties you may be having, if any, and help the subconscious mind figure out any problems.

This is life changing you are teaching yourself how to live a healthy life, not one of mung beans and lentils but smaller, healthy choices where you learn to see through the sneaky tactics the food industry uses to make you think food is healthy.

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General Hypnotic Weight Loss

With this procedure we offer various suggestions for weight loss regarding your particular situation, this is still customised for each client as all hypnosis should be, after the counselling process we then guide you into a trance state showing you how hypnosis works, after you have attained a suitable state of trance that right for you we then give the weight loss suggestions for your particular need.

As we are all different theses vary to suit you only, with some this form of weight loss is excellent and is performed on a week to week basis as required by you and your needs. This is determined primarily by you as you are the best judge as to your progress and as to how many sessions you require.

When it comes to the number of sessions you would require there is no way of knowing , some might take 2 some might take 5 its really up to you and the progress you are making, you will know what’s right for you if you need extra help then simply book another session .

It has taken you many years to get the way you are now so to expect instant results would be ridiculous, it does take hard work by you but then that what makes it worthwhile. All I do is the hypnosis you do all the work and get all the credit at the end.

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Virtual Gastric Band (VGB)

Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Lap Band is a procedure where a Hypnotic Virtual Lap Band is placed around your stomach in the trance state; the subconscious mind then makes you think that the stomach has been made smaller so the amount of food that you eat will be reduced. It is a simple procedure which is performed over 4 sessions.

In your first session we take your client history details with a general counselling session where we gain valuable information about you and anything particular to your case, most importantly though we set a clear achievable goal with you. This is of up most importance to start the process; psychologist found that by simply writing down a goal you are already on the way to achieving the result.

After gathering this information we then proceed with a hypnosis session to start the change process, this involves testing suggestibility for hypnosis and release work for the negative emotions associated around eating.

The second session is the VGB session (occasionally we will perform it on the third session) Our unique process involves sight, sound and hypnotherapy to make the experience realistic and to allow your subconscious mind to believe that it has had the surgery, although you know consciously you have not had the surgery your subconscious mind thinks it’s real.

The next sessions are to reinforce the procedure and check on your progress and to assess the goal; we pay particular attention to this to ensure you have it fixed in your mind and are keeping on track.

It is important to complete the full program to ensure your success and to help you maintain a life with new ways of thinking about eating and your relationship with food.

The Hypnotic Gastric Lap Band process is a fantastic way to lose the weight you need to lose and to help you maintain this forever. Throughout this process you will learn to eat smaller meals and become aware of everything that goes into your mouth, appreciating your food in new ways.

Call Ian at Action Hypnosis Now to make an appointment and speak about your particular issues and concerns.

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