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Don’t Let Fears Phobias and Anxiety control your life anymore Take Control Now

We are now utilising the latest technology available on the market, the portable EEG device Neurosky.

With the EEG we can monitor your brainwaves and show you how to relax and how to take back control of you brain and with training you can learn how to stop the spiral of negative thoughts that lead to Anxiety, Phobias or depression.

With specialised software for various problems we train you how to relax under pressure like when the anxiety strikes, combined with hypnosis after this we endeavour to get you back to normal as rapidly as possible.

Therapy is not about seeing you for as many sessions as possible but about getting you relief as fast as possible.

Out of all the things we treat Anxiety would be the number one most people attend for, the new EEG device allows you to see your brain in action for the first time, it allows you to see if you are calm or hyperactive and then with instructions and utilising the specialised software allow you to change your thoughts and RELAX.

If a phobia or an anxiety is stoping you from doing those things in life that you love, if something seems so distressing to you that it affects your life, you are not alone. Action Hypnosis can help eliminate those troubling issues, those phobias and anxiety’s that prevent you from doing the things you want to do.

Phobias and Anxiety can cripple your life in some circumstances, but you don’t need to feel this way anymore. Hypnosis can help you put that fear out of your mind. During the counselling session we address the issues you struggle with and design the hypnosis around the problem, leading to a session tailor made for you circumstances.

Phobias also respond very well with Ego State Therapy, the part of you that is phobic (Vaded Ego State) is addressed directly to ascertain the initial sensitising event (ISE), from this we can bridge to that event and eliminate the vaded emotional feeling associated with this event from your past.

There is no one therapy that works for phobias and anxiety and it is important to discuss this with you during the counselling session to make the therapy unique for your circumstance.

Phobias are as individual as you are and require that special attention, the first session is always two hours and any follow-up sessions generally one hour, we use hypnosis or Ego State Therapy  to help you to rethink the issues that you face and help you feel comfortable when the issue presents, allowing you to work through the situation easily.

Hypnosis Helps – try it and experience the difference in your life, the inner you is waiting for the helping hand hypnosis can offer.

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