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As a former smoker, the Director, Ian Porteous, has a personal understanding of the struggle involved in quitting. Quitting smoking can be one of those things in life that seems impossible to do.The many times we stop and then start again;

The many New Year’s resolutions we make only to find the cravings too much and end up starting again;

The many social situations where we automatically seek that cigarette;

The many other triggers, such as a stressful situation.

Drinking coffee and tea drinking alcohol.

With Action Hypnosis you can STOP NOW

You arrive for the appointment bringing your cigarettes as a smoker and leave cigarette free a former smoker. It is that simple. After your session you will leave as a non-smoker, your body already starting to repair. You will have new ways of thinking, not missing those cigarettes but looking forward to a smoke free life from now on.

Cravings gone and the triggers you once associated with smoking eliminated. Take Action Now and book your pain free /chemical free quit smoking session. Change your life now for both yourself and your family and live nicotine free.

The Process



We have found that to achieve the results you need to remain cigarette free we have designed our program as follows.

Before you come to for hypnosis you need to start by changing your habits and thinking, about cigarettes. Hypnosis can only work if you are 100 percent with the program, to many come thinking that we can simply zap you into a smoke free lifestyle, by starting to change your habits and ideas around smoking you will achieve your results easier.

A week before you come you start by changing all the habits/anchors associated around smoking, quitting is easy but the habits are harder to change and by changing the habits you make your success almost guaranteed. The habits like smoking after coffee or when drinking, when the phone rings, getting into the car anything you do now when you smoke you need to change, this starts to break the association in the brain you have built up over years of doing the same thing over and over.

Nicotine is gone from the body in three days but the habits built up over years are still there and need to be broken/rewritten, by not stopping the cigarettes but changing the habits around smoking you make the process far simpler for yourself when we do the hypnosis. By altering the habits slightly you start the brain learning temporary new behaviours but still maintain the nicotine levels remaining calm during the process.

The first session is two hours, we take a full history and then do counselling with you to look for your unique triggers around smoking, after ascertaining this we then do the hypnosis session after which you leave a non-smoker on the day of the appointment.

Session two is one hour and is used to insure that you are coping with the quitting process. The session involves counselling to check on the progress and then further hypnosis to insure that your subconscious mind is working in harmony with you and to eliminate any problems that might have been spotted during the second counselling.

Our system means you stay a non-smoker by offering that should you happen to fall of the wagon at any time in the future and start smoking again simply call us to arrange a free session to stop again.

Make an appointment and speak to a Ian about you particular issues and concerns.
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