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  • Improving your sports score easily with just new ways of thinking.
  • Having new positive thoughts about your sport whenever you play.
  • Sports professionals around the world, use Hypnosis to improve their game every day.
  • Now combine this with the latest technology on the market, a first of a kind, the portable EEG device to show you how to get into the zone.

Can you imagine improving your sports score easily by adopting new ways of thinking, or more accurately – NOT thinking? Well read on – it is possible!

Elite sports professionals from all imaginable disciplines use Hypnosis to improve their game, because they know hypnotherapy can give them the edge they need over the competition.



Now with amazing advances in technology the highly trained therapists at Action Hypnotherapy can ramp-up your performance to a whole new level by using hypnotic techniques in conjunction with the latest technology on the market.That technology is the portable EEG (Electroencephalograph) device, the first of its kind.

With our unique knowledge and application of the portable EEG, which is a neuro-feedback device, and the power of hypnosis we can help any sports person train their brain to get into the zone. The zone is the ‘sweet spot’ – that perfect place where your subconscious mind plays the game and your muscles do what they have trained to do best.

Sportspeople spend many years training so that their body and muscles know exactly what to do, but when your conscious mind gets in the way of your game, less than your best scores can result.

How many golfers over-think the shot, or their stance? Almost all of them do! Every golfer has had the experience of ‘chocking’ or the ‘yips’ … when the pressure of the completion builds and you really want to win or even just to beat your mate, who usually beats you. It’s your thinking that creates the mistakes, what you think can get in the way of all training you have done, in the way of those perfectly learned motions, your thinking can mess up what your body knows how to do naturally …  and make you lose your chance for that high score or the win.

Fortunately, there is an answer, our hypnotherapy expertise combined with the technology of the EEG device have been proven to be highly effective to master your mind! All those years you have spent practising – perfecting your muscle movements, transferring those subtle improvements from explicit to implicit memory have not been in vain. We can free you of the blocks and barriers to being a great golfer. We can “un-think you”!

Here is our exciting new two-step method to being a great golfer.

1. With our specialised knowledge of hypnotherapy combined with the EEG neuro-feedback device we teach you how you can relax on the course in order to play your best. We do this by being on the course with you, instructing you as you play. We show you how it is possible to be in zone regardless of what is going on around you. You will learn to play every hole like it’s the first hole (even if it’s the final winning stroke) – as if there is no pressure. We will coach you to have the correct brain activity to do your best by being able to show you your brain function before, during and after the shot. Using this technology we can quickly get you in the zone shot and after shot for that perfect score.

2. The second step is a hypnotherapy session at our office. Here we will be using hypnosis   techniques alongside data from the EEG device to get you thinking very clearly, to get you focussed on success in the execution of the sport and keep your mind in the zone from the beginning to the end of the game!


Psychologists did a study where they took three groups of students, one group had to practice throwing a basketball at the hoop, one group had to practice in their mind only throwing the ball through the hoop and the third group were instructed to do nothing.

Not surprisingly the group that did not practice did not improve their scores, the group that practiced improved as expected, but what the study showed was that the group that practiced only by thinking about it improved 20%, proving that positive thinking can have a positive improvement on performance just as actually doing it.

This study also showed that just by thinking about an action, like throwing the ball through the hoop, successfully improves the ability by a certain percentage, psychologists know that the human body’s nervous system does not know the difference between a real and an imagined event.

With this information Hypnosis can be used for all sports motivation. By allowing you to experience positive change in your game, Hypnosis allows you to experience real feelings of winning and the feeling of seeing yourself achieving those results you desire. In a trance you can relive the best virtual game, and by allowing you to integrate the new learning’s we can assist you with eliminating unwanted negative patterns. This will allow you to perfect that swing or achieve that desired result by taking conscious thinking out of the process and allowing the subconscious to play the perfect game.

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