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Qualified as a nationally accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist In 2012, Director Ian Porteous graduated with a Clinical qualification in Hypnotherapy from the Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne, A Clinical Qualification in Ego State Therapy and he is a member of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and has a Working with children check. Provider Number 1283621A




Ian has attended short courses in Melbourne, including training with Gordon Emmerson PHD Ego State Therapy, Don Spencer from the USA and with Rob McNeilly at the Milton Erickson Institute of Tasmania. He attends various hypnotic training seminars to increase his understanding and to learn the latest techniques in hypnotherapy

Ian started on the journey of personal development in 2004. This interest in new ways of thinking became the driving force in a quest to explore the Psychology of the human mind. As we as psychology, he has studied various facets of the mind including personal development, motivation, body language, micro expressions of the face and, of course, hypnosis. He started on the journey like many others wanting to know why people did the things they do.

Ian specialises in and has dealt with many of the everyday issues that most people find almost impossible to deal with by will power alone. Things like losing weight and weight management or stopping smoking can, for many people, be impossible to do without help.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and awe inspiring way of helping you to change habits and thoughts by assisting you in thinking differently at the subconscious level and not struggling with will power.

In addition, Ian undertakes training so as to utilise the latest techniques from around the world such as recent studies in Virtual Gastric Banding for weight loss and techniques for smoking cessation to help you take control of your life and change what are sometimes lifelong habits.

Don’t think of hypnosis as mind control over you, but think of it as us assisting you with new ways of thinking at the subconscious level. It is not brainwashing as you may have seen in the movies or as seen with the stage hypnotist where people lose their belly button or cluck like chickens when told to do so. Instead it is about going into a natural state of trance whereby we can suggest new ways of achieving your goals.

Please phone or email Ian to find out more and discuss your particular requirements. Let your problem become a solution we achieve in partnership when you Take Action.




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